Anonymous - nice clothes (;

"… What clothes.
Let’s be serious right now.
I’m almost wearing nothing.

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2 people have entered the office


    The hour was late, dark enough that it’s difficult to see outside without the aid of a light and here he still was, standing in front of the door that separated him from the office of his boss. 

    Needless to say, he wasn’t in a particularly good mood after a long and edgy shift of following Amber into dark alleyways and all over the city as she poked around. 

    Thus, when the latest guest comes strolling down the hallway and makes to enter the office unannounced, he moves him his post to step out and throw out an arm. 

    "Miss Sweet has requested that no visitors see her at this hour."

darlingofgeneco is needing protection


    His eyebrows twitched downwards in a subtle, very subtle frown as his boss saunters out of her office. What kind of outfit is she wearing? She’s barely wearing anything at all. It takes some willpower not to grimace. Hopefully she doesn’t notice his blunder.